Clicky Web Analytics Add-on

January 24, 2011

A colleague of mine turned me on to a real time web analytics package called Clickly.  Clicky offers real time web analytics in a very easy to use and understand package.  Adding Clicky tracking to your site is pretty easy: you register for an account, get your tracking code, and paste the code into your site.  What's cool, though, is that unlike certain other analytics software the results are real time and you can easily integrate the reports into your site.

clicky_200x168.pngI build a lot of sites with the concrete5 CMS. concrete5 has a back-end administrative interface that provides basic statistics and logging information.  There are concrete5 add-ons for other analytics software, but none previously for Clickly. I wanted to make it easy to integrate Clickly into the concrete5 Dashboard, so I have written a free add-on that allows you to do just that.  The add-on allows you to quickly enter some basic Clicky account information and then displays your Clicky analytics report directly on a new page in the Dashboard.  You don't even have to enter your Clicky tracking code into the site if you don't want to, the add-on will add it - or remove it if you want - with the click of a button.

Please take a look at my Clicky Web Analytics Add-on page for more information about the add-on.  And, if you aren't already a Clicky user please support development of this add-on by signing up here.