Two New Portfolio Sites: SVVCC and RAMTEK

December 3, 2010

I've been remiss in updating my site - as usual. The two sites below are web sites I built for clients this summer.

SVVCCThe first site - built for a company called Silicon Vally Veteran's Care Collective (SVVCC) - is a simple, mostly static content site. It was quick to put together. It's interesting more for its content than for its construction. The designer - Wendy Saade of 10 Space Design - wasn't sure I'd be willing in working on it. SVVCC among other things sells medical marijuana.  Medical marijuana is legal in California where this business operates, so I didn't have an issue with it.  In truth, I felt more squeamish about working on a dating site for sugar daddies earlier this year....

RAMTEKThe second site is quite different. It is a redesign of an existing site for a company called RAMTEK. RAMTEK sells industrial equipment from a variety of companies. Although the site took more effort to build than I expected, it was quite interesting to work on. The site uses a lot of new features in Wordpress 3.0 as well as customized versions of several Wordpress plugins.  I also has a fair amount of completely custom code. Some people may turn their noses up at the idea of Wordpress as a full blown CMS, but I don't agree. Wordpress is actually very powerful, reasonably lightweight and is easy to extend. Plus, it has a huge user base.

- Todd