Most of the sites I end up building are mostly content sites with some custom programming.  The RAMTEK site was a great project for me to work on because the requirements meant that a lot of custom code needed to be written.

The new RAMTEK site is built on Wordpress 3.0 and uses a lot of the features in Wordpress and especially some of the new features in 3.0 to the fullest.  Two of the most interesting features of this site are:

  • The site contains information for over one hundred products manufactured by dozens of different companies. On the old RAMTEK site this data was retrieved from a database but was not easily updated.  The new site uses Wordpress 3.0's new custom post functionality along with the very useful Custom Post Type UI plugin to make it easy for RAMTEK to manage the content for products and partner companies.  A custom plugin with shortcode support makes it easy to include this content in pages.
  • RAMTEK clients can each have their own logins with access to a page where they can download private files.  The site uses media tags and a customized version of the Private Files plugin to implement parts of this.

The new RAMTEK site design was by design{makes me}happy.