eCommerce Product Slider

eCommerce Product Slider is an image and content slider built specifically to integrate with the eCommerce add-on for concrete5.  The Product Slider works much like the Product List block that is included with the eCommerce add-on except that instead of displaying products in a static grid it displays them a in fluid slider than can be automated or controlled by the user.

The eCommerce Product Slider supports the following features:

  • Display a filtered set of products based on a variety of criteria:
    • Products filtered by keyword
    • Products on pages under the current page
    • Products filtered by attribute value (stored query)
    • Best selling products
    • Most viewed products
  • Automatically resizes product images to fit slider
  • Slides may include product image, name, price (including sales prices), and link to product
  • Sorting by name, price, date added, and attribute values
  • Horizontal and vertical sliding
  • Smooth sliding transitions
  • Intuitive, robust, easy-to-use slider implementation
  • Integrates seemlessly with the eCommerce add-on
  • Multiple Product Sliders can be added to a single page.
  • Elegant basic styling
  • Intelligent use of classes and structure to enable restyling to fit your site's design

The eCommerce Product Slider is easy to use.  After installing the package all you need to do to add a slider is go to a page where you want a slider to appear, add a Product Slider block, choose the products you want it to display, and set the a few simple slider layout options.

Sample Product Slider

His & Hers Mandarins
$155.00 Now $13.00
Martin Mandarin
$25.00 Now $13.00
Rick Ruddy
Molly Mallard
$5.00 Now $2.95
Ruddy Duck
$25.00 Now $23.95
Marvin Mandarin
$25.00 Now $13.00

This product slider uses the sample products included with the eCommerce add-on and the default settings for a stored search query as shown below: